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St Neots Walk 7 May 2011

posted May 07, 2011 11:57:57 by JudyMoore
Tara, Meg, Steve and I are just back from our first Big Walkie with the newly organised St Neots weekly walk, and boy, did we have a lovely time! The rain didn't put us off, and it soon gave way to lovely warm weather. Everyone else in the group - human and canine alike - was very welcoming and kind. Tara and Meg just adored having lots of new friends to play with, and Steve and I were delighted to see them being "proper" dogs and having such a lot of fun. We hope some of the people with cameras will be able to share the pictures soon because there are sure to be some lovely ones. Meanwhile, fingers crossed for an equally fab walk next weekend, and Big Thanks to the lovely people who organise this for us all.
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JackieFitzpatrick said May 18, 2011 15:43:31
Thank you so much Judy, was so lovely to meet you Steve, Tara and Meg and again last week. They were perfectly behaved and Tara and Boris sure do have a thing going ;0) I have some cracking pictures and will load on here, and Join BigWalkies on FB too. Look forward to seeing you Saturday morning at St Neots and if you all free and not too tired we will be joining the other co-dinators for the Monthly BigWalkies Cambridgeshire at Hinchingbrooke Country Park on Sunday 22nd May at 2.30pm. See you Saturday, regards
Jackie Fitzpatrick
- x -
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