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volunteer and offers of help and way to improve the walks!!

posted Mar 20, 2011 14:21:06 by SarahTaylor
i had the pleasure of joining the cambridgeshire walk today at hinchingbrook which was lovely!
however i found it in need of some help with organisation, and i dnt want to criticise but i do want offer my help! also my other half works in promotions and has lots of ideas of way to publicise and get more ppl! not sure exactly who to chat to but if the person i need to chat to could let me no tht would b great! we were the ones with the funny hair and collies!!
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BigWalkies said Mar 24, 2011 10:13:17
Hi Sarah!

Please give me an email:

The more hands the better! The only problem we face at the moment is funding - we have none! We are keen to get all volunteers CRB checked :)
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